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Christians Previous Foals

Lady blacklegs (christian)

We are so very excited to add Christian to our breeding program. She is the dam of Kansas, and the producer of many very beautiful foals over the years. She is 100% Scripter bred, and brings a lot to our  breeding program. I grew up as a little girl admiring her and now she will be coming to reunite with her first born, Kansas. She was rested this year , but will be bred to Phantom in 2011 for a 2012 foal.


oh yeah.. and she shuffles :)



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Christians Foals

GW Kansas 1995 Filly (Shuffler)

Proudfoots Paradigm 2009 Filly (Shuffler)

Ghostwind Eclipse 2011 Filly (Shuffler)

Ghostwind Legacy 2012 Black Snocap Colt (Shuffler)